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Subject: mashing
Date: 1989-10-03 19:52:35 GMT

I am going to make my first batch of all-grain beer soon. I have been
slowly collecting the equipment needed. My plan was to use a single-
stage infusion mash like the one described in the summer issue of
Zymurgy. I just went back and re-read Papazian's book to see what
he had said and I got a bit confused. From the Zymurgy article and
personal correspondence, I have been led to believe that the single-
stage was sufficient for beginners. Fine. I was ready to try my
hand at mashing, so I looked for a recipe in Papazian's book.
Some said to use the single-stage, and some said to use the temperature
controlled method. This is when I began to re-read his sections on
advanced brewing. It explained that the single stage mash was good
for grains that are highly modified and the temperature controlled
mash is good for undermodified malts. So, if I decide to use the
single-stage exclusively, do I have to be concerned with purchasing
ONLY highly modified malts ? If I do, then how can I tell how
modified the malt is ? I purchased 10# of English 2 row. From his
book, my guess is that this is highly modified.

Mark Nevar

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