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From: pbacon@CVEDG.Prime.COM (Phil Bacon)
Subject: Beer Barrels
Date: 1992-06-19 14:04:00 GMT

I am a plastics brewer(imperial measures),

Glass would be nice but so easy to loose 5 gall of sticky mess all over my
kitchen floor more than enough to run all over the living room carpet.

I use a 6 gall plastic pail for primary,

For secondary i have the option of using polypins(3).

These are very handy plastic containers that hold about 36pints(when full)
they are a cube with a tap, replace tap with airlock one secondary fermenter.
They have a cardboard container which is stiff enough to carry around so
they are easy to move. They compress so out goes all the air before the
tap/lock goes on. NOTE : They are not PRESSURE vessels so LOW pressure only.
The source for these is my local brewery they sell beer in them(#40ish).
Second hand empty about #2 ($3.60)

I also use them for dispencing my dry still ciders. When the need arises i
use them for taking larger quantities to parties "brite"(sp).

I have 3 barrels a roto-keg,edme and Boots(edme i think). They all have
CO2 injector system and pressure release valves. The key to stopping leaks
is to set the spring loaded valve correctly(if it leaks loosen next time).
Use without pressure release valve = leak

My process is rack into barrel prime close lid and wait, after 2 weeks check
condition when ready drink. when priming sugar all used up add a little CO2
out comes some more beer when finished clean sanitize start again.
(can often get away with no added gas).

The nice thing about the barrels is they have a float so you can use the
clear beer at the top and follow it down to the base of the keg.
Use without the float takes a little longer to clear but gives the beer
more time to condition but will require more gas as the contents is used.
I have had beer in the kegs for upto 6 months without any ill effects.

COST NEW about #20 for the boots keg. If anyone is realy interested
i can get prices for others and accesories but there must be someone in the
UK that reads this digest that knows. Second hand #5-#10 depends if the
seller knows how much a new one is.

I bought my roto-keg for #15(new) the others i got from the growing number of
EX homebrewers - MARRAGE + HOMEBREW = MORE Kit for me(i love weddings).

I have a co-worker who works in MA. will take any plastic kegs that are taking
up the valuable space in your garage ;-)
|Phil Bacon |
| |
|44-494-474477 Work |
|44-296-415546 Brewery |

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