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Subject: Spruce Essence, etc . . .
Date: 1992-06-19 16:07:48 GMT

Chris asked about timing of spruce essence. We made a batch of Papazian's
Spruce Ale last February, having read what a treat it was supposed to be.
The airhead that I am, I walked out of the brewing store and left the
spruce essence on the counter and didn't notice 'til we were ready to add
it. I called the guys at the store and they said not to worry, pick the
stuff up the next day and just add it during the primary. MISTAKE!!!!! When
we opened the first bottle four weeks later, the familiar aroma of Pine Sol
floated through the apartment. This batch has mellowed somewhat since then.
I tried it two days ago and it still has a strong spruce flavor. Maybe it
will mellow with the years . . . Next time I'll try it like you did.

Sam Israelit
Engineer, Businessman, . . . Brewer
Portland, OR

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