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From: synchro!chuck@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: BBC vs BBC lawsuit
Date: 1992-06-21 07:12:01 GMT

Since this lawsuit seems to have national interest, I thought I'd let you all
know the results.

Background: The Boston Beer Company (contract brewer/microbrewer) recently
sued the Boston Beer Works (brewpub) for $1,000,000 for trademark
infringement. This lawsuit made the front page of at least one of the local
newspapers. I wrote a letter to the court expressing my opinion that the
lawsuit was baseless.

During the course of the 1 day trial, Jim Koch threatened to sue Boston Beer
Brands (distributor/wholesaler) and the Commonwealth Brewery (brewpub). Why
Commonwealth? Because they used the word "Boston" in the name of one of their

In the surprisingly quick trial, the judge ruled against the Boston Beer
Company. They have 20 days to appeal. The judge reportedly issued a 20+ page
ruling stating that "Boston" and "Boston Beer" were generic names and could
not be protected. For reasons that escape me, I have been asked not to read
the ruling until the appeal period has expired, as I may be requested to
testify if there is an appeal.

I'll let you know if the BBC is actually stupid enough to appeal, or if there
is anything interesting in the finding when I get to read it.

Chuck Cox
In de hemel is geen bier, daarom drinken wij het hier.

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