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From: Nick Cuccia <>
Subject: Southside Steam Beer
Date: 1992-06-21 22:05:23 GMT

This is a steam beer recipe that I created last month. It's not quite as
hoppy as it should be; this is largely due to my not correcting my hop util.
for whole hops. Nevertheless, this is my best brew to date (although the
porter I've just bottled may surpass this one).

Southside Steam Beer

5 Gallons

8# Klages malt
1# light munich malt
1/2# 10L Crystal
1/4# 40L Crystal
1/4# 80L Crystal
2 oz Northern Brewer Hops (Whole) (7.5% a)
1T Irish Moss
Wyeast #2112 Calif Lager yeast in 1/2 gal starter

Mash Schedule: Elapsed Time
Mash-in @ 130F/Protein rest @ 122F :00
Starch Conversion @ 150F :30
Starch Conversion @ 156F 1:30
Mash-out @ 166F 2:00
Sparge @ 170F 2:15
Finished 3:15 //stuck :-(

Boil Schedule:
1/2 oz NB :00
3/4 oz NB & Irish Moss :30
3/4 oz NB :55
Chilled 1:00

Ferment Schedule: Days Lapsed Gravity
Pitched yeast Slurry 0 1.054
Racked 11 1.010
Bottled 16 1.010

The beer, appearances-wise, is a dead ringer for Anchor Steam; my SO could not
tell the two apart on the basis of appearance. As I mentioned, the hop flavor
isn't as strong as it should be. In any case, darn nice beer.

- --Nick

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