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From: Steve Dempsey <steved@longs.LANCE.ColoState.Edu>
Subject: Re: Aeration with aquarium pumps
Date: 1992-06-22 17:56:17 GMT

In HBD #907, (Barry Cunningham) writes

> In Homebrew Digest #906 (June 19, 1992) Bryan Olson (
> asks:
> > Anyone have any phone numbers or addresses for somewhere that sells
> > the .1 or .2 micron air filters mentioned in the last couple of digests?
> > I.e. ones that can be attached to aquarium pumps.
> The 0.2 micron filters can be obtained from Alberta Rager, of course, at
> Bacchus & Barleycorn, Ltd.
> 8725Z Johnson Drive
> Merriam, KS 66202
> (913) 262-4243
> I got the impression from Alberta at her talk that one would have a lot of
> trouble finding these otherwise.

Maybe hard to get in single unit quantities. If you want 10 or 12 (box
quantity), they can be found at Carolina Biological and Cole-Parmer, both
of whom sell retail; addresses can be found in HBD back issues.

I missed Alberta's talk at the conference (had to make choices) but
from recent posts, it sounds like folks are waiting until the primary
is full or nearly full before aerating. This will surely cause problems
with foam blowing out. I start mine as soon as there is enough wort
in the carboy to cover the air stone and leave it in until the carboy
is about half full of wort and half full of foam. Then the air is
turned off and the foam subsides while the remainder of the wort is
siphoned in.

Another useful tip when working with a .2 micron filter: don't get it
wet. Once liquid gets in there, it's not coming out. The membrane area
is quite small and it's only good for filtering gases. It will merely
absorb liquids and expand, causing it to lock up.

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