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From: Richard.Goldstein@Corp.Sun.COM (Richard Goldstein)
Subject: Priming Cherry Beer
Date: 1992-06-22 19:18:35 GMT

I am calling on the collective wisdom of HBD. I made a cherry wheat
beer several weeks ago, and it will be time to prime soon. Someone on
the net gave me the very interesting idea of priming with cherry juice
or cherry jam to add a little more fruit essence/flavor. So now the
obvious question:

How much?

Clearly that depends on the sugar content. I have been having a hard
time finding pure cherry juice, or perhaps cherry cider, in the bay
area. I can get Dole's Mountain Cherry juice, but that is a blend of
fruit juices. It lists the caloric content per fluid oz. Can someone
tell me how many calories are in an oz of corn sugar? Can I then use an
"equivalent" (calorie for calorie for say 3/4 cup of corn sugar) amount
of fruit juice? What's faulty with this reasoning?

If I use cherry preserves/jam/etc, how much do I use? In this case I
want to use a product that won't introduce fruit chunks into the final
brew. However, using these products would introduce pectin, and I of
course made every effort earlier in the process to not introduce pectin
into the beer. So what do I do to mitigate/remove/reduce this pectin

Anecdotal observations, experiences, and advice will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Rich Goldstein

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