From the HBD Archive
From: (Scott J. Leno)
Subject: Re: Jacksons 4 star beers
Date: 1992-06-22 19:47:50 GMT

> Traquair House Ale

I had the fortune of trying this last Saturday while visiting the
Brickskeller (sp?) in DC. This is truly a great beer. If any one
knows more about this beer, please fill me in. I will check my copy
of Jacksons book tonight. I almost didn't shell out the $9 for it,
but decided hey what the hell, Imight never see this beer again.
The menu listed something about them getting most of the 250 cases
sent east of the Mississippi.

On another note, has anyone ever seen Younger's Tartan Special in
the states? I saw it in Toronto in early May. I had never seen it
outside of Scotland. The 'skeller had a can of it, but nothing for
sale. The can got my hopes up (not the metal, just the label).

All in all the 'skeller was overwhelming. I will go again next time
I visit DC.

Just Impressed,

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