From the HBD Archive
From: "Dr. John" <>
Subject: Bedeviled hops
Date: 1992-06-23 11:49:50 GMT

Greetings all,
Seems that the HopDevil's hops are bedeviled. John, identifying the
perpetrators will be a boon to dealing with them. You can knock back many
types of soft-bodied critters (such as aphids) pretty handily with a soap
spray. If memory serves, and I'm not sure it does exactly, a 1% solution
is adequate. You can go to the trouble of buying one of the horticultural
products (i.e. Safers) but plain old Ivory Liquid dish soap will do the job.
You can eradicate many other bugs with specialized BT preparations. Bottom
line is that pest identification is the key to eradication, unless you are
willing to do the job with industrial strength chemicals and expose yourself
to all the potential risks they carry into your hopyard and your life.
On another note, I'd like to thank all who were so kind as to send
private responses to my question about beer in Baltimore. Looks like there
plenty of places to get good beer there.
Ooogy wawa,
Dr. John

P.S. Good to see you online again Master Baughmann.

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