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From: cestes@argos5.DNET.NASA.GOV (Chris Estes)
Subject: pearled barley
Date: 1992-06-23 13:16:50 GMT

In HBD #908, Brett Lindenbach writes:

> Hey brewheads. I was recently in my local bulk-food store and noticed a
> bin of pearled barley. I thought this might come in handy, so I bought
> a pound. Well, I checked all my mash recipes and could not find any
> mention of this stuff. Does anybody have any suggestions? Brett

If this is just regular barley I've used it with neutral results. I was
struck by the same thought while wandering through the grocery store and
picked up a 2 lb bag of the stuff. I've used as much as a 1/2 lb in my
brews; I'm not sure if it added or detracted very much. I generally
grind it in my trusty coffee grinder and add like a specialty malt.

My feeling on this is that I'm not doing it exactly right. I'm an extract
brewer and not well versed in the procedures of infusion mashing, which
would probably bring out more good stuff from the barley. I do have a
feeling that the pearled barley contains starches and protiens too complex
to ferment without correct mashing, but I understand that could add to the

My experience is that moderate amounts won't hurt anything, so go ahead
and try it.

-Chris Estes-

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