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Subject: Wort Chillers for Extract Brewers?
Date: 1992-06-23 13:34:00 GMT

Kinney Baughman <BAUGHMANKR@CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU> writes in the HBD:
> But whatever the case, use one or the other. Wort-chillers are
> essential to any homebrewery.

I'm an extract brewer (with occasional specialty grains), on my 16th
batch in about 1 year. Will a wort chiller help my brew?

I am not interested (for now) in going to all-grain; I don't have that
much time for this hobby!

My current procedure is to boil only about 2 gallons of wort (from
extract/H20), adding hops/grains as necessary, and then dumping this
into the fermenter with 2-3 gallons of cold H20. The temperature drops
from boiling to pitching temperature instantly, and I can pitch right
away. There's no "cold break" that I can notice with this method;
I imagine the trub eventually precipitates out into the primary
yeast cake.

I've just started using liquid yeast (Wyeast Ale) and whole hops for
aroma. Batch 15 was the best so far with these improvements. Thanks
to the HBD for these suggestions!

Steve Casagrande

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