From the HBD Archive
Subject: Priming with grocery store juice
Date: 1992-06-23 15:54:00 GMT

Rich asks about priming with juice.

I suspect that you will have great difficulty in priming with
store-bought juice. Most contain preservatives to keep them
from becoming what we're trying to make them: alcoholic. Read
the label.

Regarding quantity (in case you find some that does not have preservatives),
remember that not all sugars are alike. The fermentability of anything
is dependent on what kinds of sugars you have and what kinds of yeast you
have. Highly-attenuative yeasts will eat almost any type of sugar, whereas
the less-attenuative yeasts will only eat simpler sugars. I'm afraid that
the only way you will know for sure is to perform an experiment. Bottle
five bottles worth with varying amounts of priming solution (juice, in your
case) and let sit a week. See what amount of priming solution is right.


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