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From: paul@Rational.COM (Paul Jasper)
Subject: Re: G. Fix/Cambridge/CAMRA Good Beer Guide
Date: 1992-06-23 18:00:28 GMT

On 23 Jun, 1:46, Phillip Seitz wrote:
> Subject: G. Fix/Cambridge/CAMRA Good Beer Guide
> This might be a good time to mention the _Good Beer Guide_ which is
> published annually by CAMRA.
> ...
> The problem is how to get a copy.
>-- End of excerpt from Phillip Seitz

Why, from CAMRA, of course! They can take Visa and Mastercard orders
if you phone during UK office hours (approximately 4am-noon Eastern US
time) and should be reasonably priced - I don't have that information
at hand, but it should be close to the $17.95 Phillip mentions, inclusive
of shipping. The 1993 Good Beer Guide will be published in October or
November of this year.

Their phone number from the US is:


They also have a fax number; perhaps someone would like to check out
the procedure for ordering from them by fax?

While you are talking to them, enquire about overseas membership -
it is only 14 pounds (approx $25) per year. This includes timely
delivery of What's Brewing, the Campaign's very informative
monthly newspaper. Highlights of the June issue include fears that
Guinness is poised to axe its bottle-conditioned Guinness Original
Stout, criticism of Greene King's acquisition policies, "The Beer
Hunter Down Under" - Michael Jackson reporting on his trip to
Australia, a special section devoted to the resurgence of Porter,
and even some hints on where to find draught (sic) Anchor Steam in

I guess I should declare an interest: I'm a longstanding member myself.
I hope no one objects to blatant promotion of this non-profit-making,
consumer organization.

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- -- Paul Jasper
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