From the HBD Archive
From: (James Paschetto)
Subject: Re: CAMRA _Good Beer Guide_ availability
Date: 1992-06-24 14:00:43 GMT

In HBD #908, Philip Seitz asked about availability of CAMRA's _Good Beer
Guide_ in the US. I recently bought a book titled _The Best Pubs of Great
Britain, 1987-88_ from a mail-order house. I don't have the book in front
of me to check, but it appears to be a re-publication of the CAMRA guide
under a "generic" name--CAMRA is mentioned throughout, the association is
explained, and there is a CAMRA membership form in the back. The first
half of the book talks about beer in general and details Britain's breweries
and their products. The back half lists the "real ale" pubs by county and
town, with brief descriptions. There are also pages of maps showing the pub
locations. (Does this sound like the CAMRA guide, Philip?)
I got it from: Edward Hamilton, Bookseller
Falls Church, CT 06031-5000
(There's no phone #, I guess it's mail only.)
It's order #765317, _The Best Pubs of Great Britain_; $1.95 + $3.00 (shipping).
(I should say that I have no affiliation with this guy; it's just where I
bought the book.)
NOTE: This is the 1987-88 guide. It's NOT the most recent!

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