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From: rak@mayo.EDU (Ron Karwoski)
Subject: Hops, Aeration
Date: 1992-06-24 14:09:56 GMT


My hops have a couple of problems. I have only two plant growing
and I fear I may have lost them for the year. The tops of both plants
have been lost. On one, a few days of wicked storms weakened the plant
where it latched on to the twine I have hanging from a tree. I'll make
the twine tighter. I noticed the second top (just the top inch) was missing
about a week later and closer inspection revealed an army of ANTS! marching
up and down the twine. My question: Will these tops come back and the plants
resume climbing or are they stuck for the year? How do I get rid of the
ANTS!? Soap?

On another note, I too have wondered about wort chillers for extract or
partial mash batches. I know aeration of hot wort is a problem. My
method is to put the strainer into the pot after boiling and then
siphon the hot wort into the cold water in the carboy. I then top off
the carboy by sparging cold water through the hops left in the pot.
I know cold water sparging doesn't get me much, but are there any other
problems with this method? On my first partial mash last week there
was a tremendous cold break.

One other note. I'll be in London in late August for a week, staying in
the West End. Any pub or beer suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Karwoski

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