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From: homebrew@tso.uc.EDU (Ed Westemeier)
Subject: Brazilian beers
Date: 1992-06-24 13:39:38 GMT

Russ Gelinas writes:

>had a Cerpa pilsner from Brazil. Came in a colorful can.
>It's an eastern European style pilsner, very
>similar in flavor/aroma/color to Budvar,
>or maybe even the Czech version of Pilsner Urquell.
>A nice beer.
>I was told that the "generic" beer in Brazil is
>better than generic US Budmiloors. Oddly,
>Xingu lager was not to be found, and the locals
>had not even heard of it.

Having lived in Brazil 83-87, I can vouch for the fact that
the average Brazilian beer is far better than the average US
beer. More flavor (both malt and hop) and generally more

My personal favorite is Antarctica (comes in big 0.6 liter
bottles). Other favorites were Cerpa and, of course, Xingu.
Brahma, although one of the biggest sellers in the world, is
generally no better than Miller.

By the way, I find a lot of confusion in this country about
the pronunciation of Xingu. ItUs the name of an Indian tribe,
also a major river, and the proper way to say it is: sheen-GOO.

One funny quirk of Brazilians is that they will usually order
whatever beer is coldest (Jackson comments on this). They
recognize that itUs silly, but still often ask for their beer
Restupidamente geladaS (stupidly cold).

Be aware that the Brazilian beer exported in cans is NOT the
same as what they drink there in bottles. It doesnUt travel
well at all. The fact that you can often get a good can of
Brazilian beer here in the US is an indication of just how
good it is down there, fresh in the bottle!

- -- Ed

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