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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Re: pearled barley
Date: 1992-06-24 17:04:53 GMT

Chris Estes writes:
>If this is just regular barley I've used it with neutral results. I was
>struck by the same thought while wandering through the grocery store and
>picked up a 2 lb bag of the stuff. I've used as much as a 1/2 lb in my
>brews; I'm not sure if it added or detracted very much. I generally
>grind it in my trusty coffee grinder and add like a specialty malt.
>My feeling on this is that I'm not doing it exactly right. I'm an extract

Pearled barley is not cooked. Like steel cut oats, you need to cook it
first to gelatinize the starch (i.e. make it soluble in water so the
mash enzymes can get to it). Rolled or Flaked barley or oats are already
pre-cooked by the rolling process and can be added to a mash as is. Extract
brews won't get any appreciable fermentables from any of these products
unless there are enzymes present (DME). There are other things that extract
and grain brewers will get from plain grains. Beta-glucans are one of them.
I believe Beta-glucans will add to wort viscosity.

I have used 8oz of rolled barley in light lagers using single step infusion
mashing with no appearent chill haze. I have used 2lb of rolled barley and
roast barley in a stout and it cleared just fine (hard to tell, of course).

The use of rolled barley or oats is kind of a "head" insurance.


- Larry Barello

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