From the HBD Archive
From: (Terry Peterson)
Subject: August Schell Pilsner & Export
Date: 1992-06-24 18:59:15 GMT

You might think a brewery that's been around since the 1800's would have
enough confidence in their product to leave the recipe alone, but as
Jeff Frane discusses in #909:

>When the AS Pilsner appeared at the Oregon Brewers Festival on
>draught about 3 years ago, it blew me away: an extraordinarily hoppy
>beer and my favorite from the festival. But the bottle version is
>considerably more timid; the local distributor, in fact, is convinced
>that AS is bottling their real pilsner as their Export and the Export in
>the Pilsner bottles.

My brewing partner and I USED to drink lots of AS Pilsner. In fact, it
was our favorite pilsner beer. The bottled version definitely favored
malt over hops, but had enough hops to make it a terriffic pilsner beer.
Unfortunately, our distribution channels began receiving twist off
bottles of non-bottle conditioned beer (of some sort) with a new label.
I agree with Jeff's distributor at least enough to say that the new "Pils"
is NOT the same beer we used to drink. I've also had the Export and,
although it's better than the Pils, I don't like it as well as their
previous product. The Export tastes like an ale to me and so I can't
believe it is their pilsner in disguise.

I'm sad to say I can't support the old brewery any more. If they'd at
least continued bottle conditioning their beer the yeast would have had
some value, assuming they didn't change that too. I've been meaning to
write AS a letter, but haven't done it yet. I wonder if they'd give me
some hints so I could try to recreate their older pilsner recipe?


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