From the HBD Archive
From: (Donald P Perley)
Subject: FWD: American Classic DME
Date: 1992-06-24 18:18:10 GMT

> ...Our stuff is excellent, blah blah blah ... "and the worts are
>concentrated using the most technologically advanced, high vacuum
>distillation process, assuring you" blah, blah, blah ...
> ....
>Has anybody got any theories as to what effects (and why) this
>high-vac distillation will have on the body and clarity of the
>finished beer? Anybody tried this stuff? It's not just American
>Eagle under a different name, is it?

I think that MOST malt extracts are concentrated by boiling under a
vacuum. Any that are called "DME" (diastatic malt extract) have to
be so they can lower the boiling point to a temperature which won't
destroy the enzymes.

As to the value of reduced trub.. even neglecting any taste effects,
you at least end up with more beer.

-don perley

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