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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: hops bugs, copper&vinegar
Date: 1992-06-24 20:27:58 GMT

Those bugs that are eating John Hop-devil's hops are likely to be
Japanese Beetles. They can devastate your plants. I use a Rotenone
spray (you know, mix the stuff up with water, attach the dispenser to your
garden hose, and spray the plants enough so there is some white residue when
it dries). It's helped keep them away, but still some of the plant gets
eaten. I think the Bag-A-Bug things attract beetles as much as they catch
them. I haven't used one this year, and there are a lot less beetles. It
could be the cool weather, though. It's also a good idea to kill any of the
beetles you see. Early morning and at night are good times because they're
slower. Last year the beetles here in NH mostly went away after about a
month, about the middle of July, so it's only an early summer pestilence.
If they get really bad, I might cover my plants in bird netting (the kind
used on fruit trees) until the JB season passes.

Mike Z. with the oily counterflow chiller: Run a vinegar/water solution
through the copper to clean it. It worked *really* well on my immersion


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