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From: Kevin V Martin <>
Subject: Re: Rocky Raccoon Ale
Date: 1992-06-24 21:58:07 GMT

Like Michael Gildner, I'm not able to ferment lagers. Here's my version of
Rocky Raccoon Ale:

1 can M&F Light Malt Extract (unhopped)
3 lb. Clover Honey
2 oz. Williamette hops (5.0 AAU's)
Wyest London Liquid Ale yeast
1/3 c Clover Honey (priming)

The malt extract, honey, and 1 oz. of the hops were boiled in 3 gallons of
water for 1 hour; the remainder of the hops were then added and steeped for 15
minutes. The wort was passed through a strainer into a plastic primary and
diluted to 5 gallons. After reaching room temperature, the yeast was added.
The intial SG was equal to 1.040. After 6 days in the primary (60-65 deg.F)
and 10 days in a glass secondary fermentor (60-65 deg.F) the final SG was equal
to 1.000. The beer was then primed with honey and bottled.
After two weeks in the bottle, the carbonation had reached an acceptable level;
but the taste was a little green. After another month the taste has mellowed
out. This beer is turning into a favorite of my friends who don't appreciate
my usual heavy ales ;). I enjoy because it has more taste and body than

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