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From: Mike Fertsch <FERTSCH%adc1@rsccgu.RAY.COM>
Subject: Vanity Plates
Date: 1989-10-05 12:57:00 GMT

> Spotted yesterday, Sunday, October 1, 1989, at approximately 1730,
> traveling east on the Mass Pike at a high rate of speed, a New York
> State license plate ZYMURGY (on a red and white Buick?). Anyone
> ever see this one or know who it is?

> Any other interesting beer vanity plates out there?

My two cars have Massachusetts liscense plates HOPFEN and MALZ (German of
course for 'hops' and 'malt'. You'd be surprised how many people (including
brewers) don't pick this up.)

Another brewer in my club (Bill Murphy) has liscense plate HMBREW (at first
I thought it meant 'Her Majesty's Brew', but was told it was simply

A homebrewer from Maine (John Seckler??) has a VW microbus with plate HMBRW.

While driving through New Hampshire this spring, I saw a Rhode Island plate

I think I saw a few more beer plates at last winter's New England Regional
Competition. I'll keep my eyes open at the next regional pow-wow.

- Mike Fertsch

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