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Subject: Re: Priming Cherry beer
Date: 1992-06-24 17:05:57 GMT

Richard Goldstein writes:

> I am calling on the collective wisdom of HBD. I made a cherry wheat
> beer several weeks ago, and it will be time to prime soon. Someone on
> the net gave me the very interesting idea of priming with cherry juice
> or cherry jam to add a little more fruit essence/flavor. So now the
> obvious question:
> How much?

An interesting idea indeed but I'm not convinced that it would be practical.
While this won't help you now, you might consider priming with saved gyle in
the future. I have had great success doing this by following Papazian's
guidelines for calculating the amount to save and not being too concerned with
getting *exactly* that amount. It takes a bit longer to carbonate and condition
but the end result is worth it to me. That way, you are just adding back a
little of the same ingredients that went into the batch in question and nothing
more. It would, in your case, have contained some of the cherry essence that
was present in the brew from the start. This in combination with adding some
"fruit essence" at bottling time, as Micah Millspaw suggested in his article on
fruit beers, should be right on the mark. You might try to find some cherry
essence to add and prime with corn sugar, DME, or honey for this batch. I
recently made a Blackberry Ale using 8 pounds of blackberries which I primed
with orange blossom honey and it turned out quite well. The blackberry aroma
is there even without the addition of fruit essence. It also has a slight
floral aroma from the use of Cascade hops and, I think, the honey.

- --
Guy McConnell
"Pour me full o' Guinness and I'll never more complain!"

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