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From: "Spencer W. Thomas" <>
Subject: bottling wands (zymurgy review and question)
Date: 1992-06-25 13:47:01 GMT

The latest issue of zymurgy (Summer '92) had an article comparing
three types of bottling wands. The author's primary consideration
seemed to be the amount of oxidation potential each had. He liked
Phils Philler the best because (1) the beer doesn't spray out the
bottom (so no aeration at that end) and because (2) it left very
little head room (so little oxidation potential at that end).

My question: there was a discussion of Phils Philler in this list a
while back (6 mo?) and I thought that the consensus was that the
little air hole at the top (that allows for property 2 above) at least
had the potential for introducing air into the beer as it flowed by
(by Bernoulli's principle). Has anybody had any further thoughts on
this or experiments to back it up or refute it?

I'm currently using one with the valve at the bottom. I think it's
the second kind he reviewed. There's a little "wand" sticking out
that opens the valve whenver pressed up or to the side. This allows
me to easily top off bottles by holding the wand against the (in)side
of the neck of the bottle. But it does "spray" beer out the bottom.
Still it's better than no bottling wand, by far.

=Spencer W. Thomas HSITN, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 313-747-2778

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