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From: Gordon Baldwin <!sherpa2!gbaldwin>
Subject: Low sparge yield
Date: 1992-06-25 15:48:30 GMT

I posted here about 2 months ago complaining about low yield. The
general concensus was to slow down my sparge, and that helped, but I am
still not up to where I think I should be. Here are the details:

8 lb klages
.5 lb munich
.5 lb crystal
1.5 oz cascade beginning of boil
1 oz fuggles middle of boil
1.5 oz saaz fininshing
Wyeast German ale yeast.

I use a one step infusion mash at 155 for 45 minutes. It looks like I
get complete conversion testing with iodine. I tested before so I know
what to look for when conversion was complete. I sparge with about 4
gallons ~170 water until it no longer tastes sweet, about 6 gallons.
I sparge in the Zap-pap lauter tun (nested buckets with the inner bucket
drilled with about a thousand holes.) Sparge now takes about 45 minutes
to complete. The boil is for 1 hour and I boil the 6 gallons down to
about 5. The starting gravity is 1.036 and finishing is 1.006. With 9 lb
of grain I think I should be getting around 1.040. I just brewed a
similar receipe using 12 lb of grain and I only got 1.042. My grind
seems good, I get my grain from The Cellar in Setttle, (They are only
about a mile from my house). They have a good roller mill there that I
use, and they checked the grind and thought it looked fine.

Any pointers to what I should try next would be greatly appreciated.

- --

Gordon Baldwin

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