From the HBD Archive
From: Rick Myers <>
Subject: Immersion Chiller usage!
Date: 1992-06-25 20:23:30 GMT

In HBD #910 Bob Konigsberg writes:
> I've been using an immersion chiller for a while now, and I don't feel
> that they're too hard to clean.
> Prior to use, I run hot tap water (~180 F) through it from the tap for
> about a minute (full 60 seconds) after it's hot at the far end at a
> fairly high flow rate. Then I fill it (with a funnel) with a
> Chlorinated TSP solution, and let it sit in there for about 30 minutes.
> Then the hot water rinse is repeated again for another full minute.
> The chiller is then stored with the copper tube left full of water.

Er, ah, I don't really want to tell you this Bob, but you're not using
your chiller correctly. There is no need to clean the inside of an immersion
chiller...the cold water runs through it, and you dip the whole mess down
inside your kettle. Thus, the name "immersion"...the only thing you need
to clean is the OUTSIDE, not the inside.

Don't feel bad, you're not the first person to do this, I heard some people
even bought pre-manufactured ones, only to have to change all the fittings
to get it to work like they thought it was supposed to. I'm posting this
to the digest directly because there are more people than I realized doing


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