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From: (Dan Kerl)
Subject: Ants on hops...
Date: 1992-06-26 14:55:03 GMT

In HBD #910, rak@mayo.EDU (Ron Karwoski) writes:
> << material deleted >>
> I noticed the second top (just the top inch) was missing about a week
> later and closer inspection revealed an army of ANTS! marching up and
> down the twine. My question: Will these tops come back and the plants
> resume climbing or are they stuck for the year? How do I get rid of
> the ANTS!? Soap?

Something I've seen that occurs in particular species of ants is a
peculiar behavior called "aphid farming" The ants will transport aphids
to suitable "grazing areas", then "milk" the aphids for "honeydew", an
aphid secretion rich in sugar. It might be a good idea to look closely
for aphids if ants are observed on the hop vines, and treat accordingly.
Ladybugs are hell on aphids, if you can convince them to hang around.
In any case, I'm not aware of any common species of ants that like to
chow down on hops.
Dan Kerl
Intergraph Corp.

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