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From: Steve Dempsey <steved@longs.LANCE.ColoState.Edu>
Subject: Re: bottling wands (zymurgy review and question)
Date: 1992-06-26 17:41:56 GMT

In HBD #911 Spencer W. Thomas <>

> My question: there was a discussion of Phils Philler in this list a
> while back (6 mo?) and I thought that the consensus was that the
> little air hole at the top (that allows for property 2 above) at least
> had the potential for introducing air into the beer as it flowed by
> (by Bernoulli's principle). Has anybody had any further thoughts on
> this or experiments to back it up or refute it?

I have a Phil's Philler. The hole at the top is closed when the main
valve opens. There are no apparent bubbles at the exit of the filler
(no bubbles floating to the surface) during filling. The filler is
designed very well and does a great job.

> I'm currently using one with the valve at the bottom. ...
> But it does "spray" beer out the bottom.

This is the primary source of oxidation in bottles, followed by
excessive head space. The spray creates great turbulence in the
presence of air and can oxidize the beer. You may as well pour
an ounce of beer in the bottle and shake it up before filling the
remainder. If you could purge your bottles with CO2 before filling
with beer, this problem would be eliminated, but that's obviously
too much work.

> Still it's better than no bottling wand, by far.

I disagree; a spring clamp on the siphon hose can work just as well
for controlling/stopping the flow and produces no splashing or spraying.

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