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Subject: WYEAST CA Common
Date: 1992-06-29 14:32:01 GMT

A couple of days ago, Russ posted a question about WYEAST California
Common Beer (aka Steam Beer yeast). Well, I just brewed my second batch
using it, and I can say that it produces clean beer. Probably my best batch
so far.

Here are a couple of items I noticed. During primary fermentation at 65 F.
a sulphur-like odor emanated from the airlock. This went away after a day or
two. After secondary fermentation of 3 weeks, I bottled and noticed no
off flavors or odors. But when I sampled a bottle (admittedly soon--after 6
days) I again noticed the sulphur smell. Now, however, three weeks since
bottling, it's very clean with no suphur smell. It's a light bodied beer
(too light for a steam beer, IMHO) based on Papazian's first "The Sun Has
Left Us On Time" recipe. There is a citrus (grapefruit-like) flavor
which might be from the Cascade hops. I'm not sure. It could also be
from the 2 oz of loose K Goldings I used to dry hop.

My second batch is in the secondary now. This time, however, I used
Papazian's second "The Sun Has...." recipe. The difference is that it calls
for a lot more Alexander's Pale extract. This recipe should be truer to
the Anchor Steam style with more body.

At any rate, the WYEAST seems to be a good strain. The second batch, by the
way, did not produce that sulphur odor as a by-product. Something I did or
maybe just more nutrients available for the yeast with a higher OG?


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