From the HBD Archive
From: (Dave Platt)
Subject: Ants on hops...
Date: 1992-06-29 17:14:29 GMT

> It might be a good idea to look closely
> for aphids if ants are observed on the hop vines, and treat accordingly.
> Ladybugs are hell on aphids, if you can convince them to hang around.

The best way I've found to encourage ladybugs is to plant some cilentro
(coriander, Chinese parsley) in the garden. Adult ladybugs feed on nectar,
and seem to prefer the small, compound flowers found on plants in the carrot
family. They seem quite partial to cilentro flowers; fennel, dill, and
other members of that clan should work out well, also.

I used to have aphids in my garden every summer, and I rarely saw any
ladybugs. Since I started planting some cilentro around the edges of
the garden, I've had ladybugs, and no aphid problems. My experience
seems to match that of other gardeners... if you plant annuals which
attract beneficial insects, you'll have fewer pest problems.

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