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From: dcdwest!titus@UCSD.EDU (Matt Titus)
Subject: Availability of acid carboys in California (No more?)
Date: 1992-06-29 17:42:09 GMT

Has anyone had difficulty getting hold of 7 gallon sulphuric acid carboys?
The proprietor of the local brew shop claimed that none had been available
for four months. He said that a new law has been passed that requires users
of such carboys to recycle them. Apparently acid carboys were used once and
then thrown away, which accounts for their wide availablity. Note that this
(possibly inaccurate) data point comes from San Diego. What's the scoop?
Have the reagent distributors changed the material used to make carboys?
Are there still glass carboys available for purchase by homebrewers, and if
so, is the price still reasonable? Was this guy full of it?

Not worrying,

Matt Titus

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