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From: (Stephen Russell)
Subject: Business sponsorship of brew clubs?
Date: 1992-06-29 17:51:59 GMT

Homebrew club members,

Does your club solicit local businesses as sponsors?

I am seeking to boost our own club's revenue (the Ithaca Brewers' Union,
or IBU) by getting local businesses to become club sponsors. I would
like to get advice from other clubs in order to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Among the ways I envision this being done:

1) Providing club meeting space.

Our club meets at the local brewpub, which saves us $ we might need
to pay at another place, so this is a form of sponsorship we have
at the present time.

2) Donation of merchandise (or cash) for raffles or competition winners.

We did this at our spring competition; the local homebrew shop
donated merchandise and two local retailers -- one a restaurant,
the other the brewpub mentioned earlier -- donated cash for ribbons.

3) Donation of beer for tastings.

I don't know about the legality of this one, but I am considering
it for future IBU tastings. Basically, if a local retailer
donates 3 or 4 six-packs to the club, we turn around and hold
a tasting of 3-4 commercial and 3-5 homebrews and charge a nominal
fee. The club keeps the proceeds. The quid pro quo for the
retailer is that the club members are informed of who provided
the beer (and therefore know where to get more of the same).
Anyone do something like this? Is it legal?

By the way, right now we hold tastings like this and charge a
nominal fee, but we go out and buy the beer from a retailer
instead of getting it donated. I realize that the tasting itself
is probably illegal, but what about the retalier's donation?

4) Direct, unspecified sponsorship.

Give the club $ (I'd like to hear what is reasonable) outright
and get listed as a sponsor in the club newsletter. Annual basis.

5) Newsletter advertisement.

I've seen this in certain club newsletters but also know of
many clubs that have a stated policy of not taking ads. Does
your club do this? If not, why not? If so, how much/page?

Obviously, some of these our club has tried, but I would like to hear
what your club does. Please send me e-mail directly (
or srussell@crnlmsc2.bitnet) and I will collect, edit and post if there
seems to be sufficient interest.

Thanks very much,


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