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Subject: A series of questions on Sparging
Date: 1992-06-29 13:50:36 GMT

Good Morning All,

I have a question regarding sparging. I've been brewing extract for four
years now and recently attempted my first all grain. Everything went fine,
and the stout was excellent, but I'm not sure we sparged correctly. Here's
what we did:

After the conversion we added about about 2 gallons of 170 F water to a Zap-
Ap (Bucket w/ holes in a bucket type) lauter tun. We spooned in the mash
from the Brew Kettle being certain that the water was always above the grain.
When all of the mash was in the lauter tun, we sprinkled the remaining sparge
water on top. We opened up the spigot on the bottom bucket and let the wort
flow out. When all of the wort was filtered through the grains we had about
5 1/2 gallons. The mash used 10 lbs grain, and the wort had a 1.048 SG. We
placed this on the stove and boiled.

I have recently aquired a 48 qt cooler to use as a mash and lauter tun, so
I will no longer need transfer the mash. Also, I've heard a lot about sparging
slowly lately, so I'll go slower next time.

I'm soon to brew again, but would like more info on sparge techniques. Does
the above procedure sound reasonable? Does the wort get run through the lauter
tun a second (or third) time to extract more of the sugar? Does all
of the sparge water get added to the grain at once? Do I need to try to keep
the sparge water hot throughout the process to stop conversion or ease
extraction of the sugars? Am I missing anything?

Better Living through Brewing,

Pete Oehler

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