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From: (Charles Anderson)
Subject: First All grain, Low Yield
Date: 1992-06-29 22:49:27 GMT

I made my first attempt at an All-Grain brew yesterday using a simple
recipe from Cat's Meow 2, which was 8lbs of British Pale, 1lb of British
Crystal, 3oz Fuggles, and 1oz of Willamette. I mashed for 90mins w/2.25 gals
in my electrim-bin, and I had a hell of a time getting the temp to stay constant
at 150. This was a single step infusion mash, I think my temps varied from
about 145 to 160, with various hot spots around the heating element. I'm
not sure how long the sparge ran, about an hour maybe with 4.5 gals, of
water that I started with at about 170, but by the time I was done had
probably cooled to 140 or so. After boiling 60mins I had about 4-4.5 gallons
(should I have sparged more?) and a SG of 1.040. After sparging the grains
at the top of the grain bed were still pretty sweet while the ones in the
middle were not. My questions are how do you keep the temp consistant,
and is it really important to keep it exactly on target? I stirred every
10 mins or so, and for a while it stayed at around 150 maybe the first 1/2
hour, then it cooled off, and I cranked up the temp some to try to get it
to recover. Should my sparge water be boiling when I start, TCJOHB says
170, does it matter? When it was all done it looked kind of cloudy, but
smelled great. I'm not worrying, just wondering, trying to make my next
batch better.

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