From the HBD Archive
Subject: Hefe Weisen
Date: 1992-06-30 14:25:43 GMT

Sam ( writes:

>I have brewed a couple of weissen beers and they were great. recently I was
>reading Dave Miller's book and he mentioned a hefeweissen. What's the

The hefe part just means that there is yeast in the bottle, most likely you are
already making it this way, unless you're filtering the brew. I usually buy
these types of (import) beers because I feel that it travels better if it has
some yeast in it.

Oh, and BOB JONES <> writes:

>Does anyone know of a chemical that will cut the hop residue inside a
>blowoff tube.

Since my blowoff tube never contacts the wort/beer (at least not the brew I
drink), I just soak it in a real strong Tide tm detergent (no scent) and hot
water and it comes right off, then I rinse it really well, then I clorox it.
I used to use count-off, alconox, and micro brand cleaners but Tide works just
as well and its cheaper too.

Hefty Weiss for all,

John - the HopDevil

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