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From: hplabs!rutgers!!olson
Subject: Re: stuff on the walls
Date: 1989-01-03 15:14:18 GMT

Somebody (jay h?) wrote:
> >One question a customer had last night which I couldn't answer.
> >Has anyone ever seen yeast settle out on the sides, yes sides, of a bottle.
> >This guy used corona bottles and said the yeast was clinging to the sides
> >as well as the bottom. I have never seen this before, but i don't use
> >clear bottles so if it had happened i wouldn't have known.

My only attempt at brewing with lager yeast (dry, Edme I think) produced
a very odd deposit on the walls of the bottles. The recipe was
TCJoHB's "hordeaceous Dutch delite", ie 2 cans of Laaglander light hopped
extract, water and yeast (how's that for a detailed recipe?). I bottled in
my large collection of used Molson bottles. In addition to the usual yeast
layer at the bottom, after 5-6 weeks I began to see lots of little blobs on
the walls. They were the size and color of dried yeast granules. Spinning
the bottles shook the blobs off the walls, but to my surprise they didn't
settle out. Instead, they hung suspended near the walls. By careful pouring
I was able to keep them out of my glasses, and (with some trepidation) went
on drinking. The flavor btw was fine if a bit boring -- nice malt sweetness,
lots of esters, but insufficiently bitter and (of course) lacking any hop
character. At the time I blamed the deposit on the yeast. Now that I think
of it, though, the last few bottles (at 12 weeks or so) gushed quite badly,
so there probably was a bacterial infection involved as well. I've made
continuous small improvements in my sanitation procedures, and haven't seen
anything like it since -- but I've steered clear of lagers, so who knows.

That leads to a question -- we know that lager yeasts are slow starters,
prefer colder temperatures et cetera. Do they have other behavioral
peculiarities that are worth talking about? Do they precipitate differently?
leave the same color guck in the bottom of the fermenter? smell the same?
etc, etc,

curiously yours,
Tom Olson

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