From the HBD Archive
From: Darren Evans-Young <>
Subject: Low Yield
Date: 1992-06-30 17:10:44 GMT

With 9 lbs of pale ale malt, I get a SG of 1.055.
All my water is preboiled to remove chlorine.
When I add the grains to 170 deg water, the temp drops to 153 deg.
The pH is too low (4.7). I was adding CaCO3, but it had very
little effect on pH and my mash wasnt completely converting.
I then started adding 1 tsp gypsum to my mash and the effects
were very noticable. I mash for 2 hours and even though the
pH is too low, it converts completely.

As for grain bags, I dont use one. I keep my water level at
least 2" above the grain bed. I dont see how a grain bag
will help me. I take a full hour to sparge. Sparge water
treated with lactic acid to pH 5.7. I have even had a SG of 1.057
with 9 lbs of grain.


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