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Subject: Paul's Peppered Pils
Date: 1992-06-30 17:45:00 GMT

Hi All,
I thought I'd report on my pepper beer experiment that I queried
you all about. Most recommendations leaned towards adding the pepper
as late as possible in the process. Here's what I did.

Recipe (for 4 gallons)
6 lbs light liquid extract
1.0 oz Hallertauer hops (~ 4.8 AAU) boiling 50 minutes
1.0 oz hallertauer hops steep 15 minutes
Wyeast Pilsen yeast (I don't have my notes with me can't remember
number) Serrano chile added at bottling

Ferment at 50 degrees for 1 week. Then ferment at 45 degrees for 3
weeks. At bottling cut up serrano and add slices to each bottle.

What I did was cut up one chile and set aside 6 bottles for dry
peppering. The rest of the batch was just bottled as is. I labeled my
6 bottles 1 to 6 and put a little more pepper in each beer.

Taste results: The non peppered beer is way malty but it has mellowed
nicely after 3 weeks at 40 degrees. Dare I say it is not balanced.
The peppered bottles are good. The ones with the least pepper (one
thin slice 1/8 inch) don't have any pronounced heat but have an
incredibly dry and abrupt finish. You wouldn't know it was pepper that
added the strangeness. The ones that were more highly peppered (two
1/8 inch slices) begin to feel the heat. This seems to be the right
amount to use to get the flavor and slight feel of the pepper with
burning a hole in ye gut. The flavor only comes through in the finish
and you can tell it's pepper. The last two bottles are waiting for our
next homebrew meeting. Hopefully it'll have the good slowburn. By
the way, the peppers did not seem to have any effect on the physical
characteristics of the beer (head or color).

When I do this again I will go for the 1/4 inch slices in some sort of
ale. In fact the IPA in primary could turn into India Peppered Ale.
Also on the agenda for the future would be attempting a pepper tea at
bottling. The problem with this is the extrapolation of the number of
peppers to use and the pepper extraction rate when made into a tea.

Overall I really like this beer and I think that it could be a good
subcategory for just about any beer style.

Now how can I figure the pepper extraction rate in IPUs (International
Peppering Units) ?


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