From the HBD Archive
From: (Rob Bradley)
Subject: Low yields
Date: 1992-06-30 18:41:36 GMT

In HBD #913, Larry Barello writes
> Regardless of the dextrine maltose balance, the OG should be pretty
> consistent.
In reply to Kinney Baughman's claim that a high mash tempreature in the
mash might be responsible for a low yield. If my understanding of the
workings of the enzymes is correct, then Larry is right. If Kinney
is right, sould some kind soul please e-mail me (or the HBD) to explain
why a higher proportion of dextrins lowers the SG? I have often
mashed at temperatures higher that 150 for the purpose of getting
higher fianl gravity and have never noticed a statistically significant
ddecrease in yield.

Desmond Mottram elaborates on the issue of mash time (also first brought
up by Kinney). Again, if this is a factor, I have to go back to drawing-
board. It seems to me that once the starches have been glutenized
and dissolved, the OG is essentially determined. What proportion of
the dissolved material is fermentable sugar, unfermantable sugar and
unconverted starch is abviously a matter of great concern, but is
in no way reflected in the density of the solution.


I have always believed that lower-than-expected yields come from grinding
too coarsely, from sparging with too little water or from using
different ingredients (e.g. US malt for a British recipe) than called
for in the paradigm.

Rob Bradley

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