From the HBD Archive
From: Jay Hersh <>
Subject: Young's and lupulophobia
Date: 1992-06-30 19:27:02 GMT

While I don't disagrre that if your info is accurate Young's hooping rates
are quite low, you should still realize that there is an inverse and quite
counter-intuitive relationship between hopping rates and batch size.

Because the wort quickly saturates with bittering acids in small batches
(of which you could consider 5 gallons) it becomes necessary to add quite
a bit more hops to acheive the desired bitterness thanbn in larger batches.
This non-linear effect can be shown by doubling your batch size and exactly
doubling your recipe. I think you will find that the bitterness of the beer
actually undergoes a substantial increase, and that to preserve the reciupe
you'll have to cut back on the hops.

This being a non-linear effect I don't know a formula off hand. Perhaps George
doesa and can provide us one on his return. I first became aware of this
phenomena when attending a talk by Finn Knudsen of Coors who spoke at the AHA
National Conference several years ago on scaling up recipes from 5 gallon
test batches to a pilot brewery, to full production. The effect is deemed
brewing to scale, and I expect many a homebrewer turned proi has encountered

All that said, the hopping rates quoted for Young's still seem truly low.


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