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From: ithaca!amber!phoebe@uunet.UU.NET (Phoebe Couch)
Subject: Mash and Hops
Date: 1992-06-30 19:11:45 GMT

First I'd like to thank everyone out there for all the advice on the net,
I didn't ask the questions but read the answers all the same.
Thought I will tell y'all about my setup, I recently started doing all grain,
and we have 2 setups:
1) Mash in the oven in a stainless pot
sparge in 2 plastic bucket with holes in bottom of the inner bucket and
spigot on outer bucket.

2) Mash in a 48 qt cooler with slotted copper pipes(15 ft) and faucet
fitted to it. (The leftover copper tubing (~30ft) became a 2 layer
wort chiller and it works fast too. )
sparge in same.

I don't know if we were too impetuous and checked too often, but setup2
can't seem to keep a constant temp and we ended to having to reheat the
grain a lot and ended up putting all the stuff in the oven.
But either way it came out good, the mashing process took about
6 hours the first time (cooler) because of all the hassles and 4 hours
the second time because it kept tasting sweeter everytime we checked on it.

IMpale ale was made with setup2 and was dry hopped with Saaz pellets(cos
I like the smell, but can't buy it freash)
The beer that came out was a lot clearer and smoother than extract
brewing. I will highly recommend all-grain brewing, we had a BBQ outside while
the enzymes were working, so that wait was no problem.
IMpale ale was very tasty, but the hop flavour seemed to have become stronger
as it developed in the bottle. It's like drinking malty flower juice.

Anyway I have a question about hops, I am growing cascades, williamette,
nugget and Mt Hood in the backyard, the cascade is the only one with what
ressembles flowers, but they are small bases with white spikes sticking out
and not leafy like the stuff you buy. I am worried that I may have been
sold a male plant instead of a female plant (if there is such a thing for Hops)
Does anyone out there know?


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