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From: "Spencer W. Thomas" <>
Subject: Brewpubs in Berzerkley (summary)
Date: 1992-06-30 20:36:11 GMT

Such an inpouring of (conflicting) information! How will I ever
digest it all!? How will I ever go all those places in one short

Lots of folks noted that the Golden Gate brewpub is gone. Several
strongly recommended that I take the extra hours (2 each way!) to
drive up to Hopland and visit the Mendocino Brewing Co. Seems
impractable for this trip, unless I can reschedule my flight several
hours earlier. Comments the pubs actually in Berkeley included:

Triple Rock:
You'll definitely want to visit [it].
First Berkeley Brewpub.
For sure!
Popular close-to-campus hangout, but beware: they make lousy beer.
Good, but staid... (same 3 house brews, no rotation)
Great place to hoist a few, especially in summer, when it's
not packed to the rafters with [students].
Great beer and a great ambience.

Bison Brewing:
Likes to experiment with herbs and flavorings ... espresso
stout last year... Postmodern building
Popular close-to-campus hangout, but beware: they make lousy beer.
Good, but artsy and experimental ...(sage pale ale)
Still exists, but I have never figured out why. ... sour and
unpleasant, though others like it.
I dunno what kind of people you like to hang out with, ...
maybe I should dye my hair black and look bored to fit in.
The beer was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ... underhopped, sweet
and boring.

Thanks to all. Now I have to decide whether to try take extra time to
go up to Mendocino Brewing Co, or maybe try to visit Anchor (will they
take just one on a tour?)


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