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From: (Bob Gorman)
Subject: CAMRA & Beer Drinkers of America
Date: 1992-06-30 21:37:50 GMT

Hi All,

I'm looking for North East based CAMRA type of organization.

Is anyone aware of a political organization primarily dedicated to
the promotion of beer?

This could either be an extension of CAMRA or another organization,
independent of any beer company.

I've recently become aware of The Beer Drinkers of America but I
know very little about them. I have a gut feeling that this may be
just an organization which is sponsored by BudMilLob but set up to
appear as a grass roots organization. Does anybody know anything
about them?

I ask all of these questions because there seems to a fair number
of people at least in the Boston area who are interested in the
politics of beer. I would like to find a way to get all of these
people united into some form of organization.

So rather than trying to start up one on my own I thought it might
be better to merge in with an existing organization, like CAMRA.

Does CAMRA have a North East affiliation?

Can somebody please enlighten me, or point me in the right

Direct email responses would be preferred.


- -- Bob Gorman Watertown MA US --
- -- Relational Semantics, Inc uunet!semantic!bob +1 617 926 0979 --

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