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From: (Josh Grosse)
Subject: Electrim Bin / sparge water
Date: 1992-07-01 02:03:21 GMT

Charlie Anderson asks:

> ...I mashed for 90mins w/2.25 gals
>in my electrim-bin, ... had a hell of a time getting the temp to stay constant
>at 150...
> it really important to keep it exactly on target?

Yes, Charlie, it's VERY important. There are two solutions to your
problem. 1) STIR. Every minute or two. 2) USE A GRAIN BAG. This will
keep the grain off of your element so it doesn't burn, allows you to
sparge right out of your mashing tun, and forces you to use more water,
which would also help your temperature stability.

> .... Should my sparge water be boiling when I start, TCJOHB says
>170, does it matter?

At 172 or higher, you may begin extracting tannins which can cause
undesirable off flavors. I use 168. JS uses boiling water, though he
has reported his grain-bed temperature ends up a lot lower than that.

Good luck!
- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Josh Grosse

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