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From: Jim Grady <>
Subject: Cleaning Blow-off tubes
Date: 1992-07-01 11:51:07 GMT

Bob Jones asks about cleaning out blow-off tubes:

I use 'B-Brite' to clean mine. I get it from my homebrew supplier (generally
Beer & Wine Hobby in Woburn, MA & sometimes Modern Brewer in Cambridge, MA).
It's a sterilizer and cleanser (in probably the loosest senses of those terms)
and works very well. It is kind of expensive so I use bleach when I just need
to sterilize but B-Brite works great at cleaning out blow-off tubes, the neck
of the carboy after blow-off & getting labels off a new batch of bottles. The
label on the bag of B-Brite says to use 1 TBS/Gal but I usually use a little
more than half that amount. I have never found it necessary to scrub the gunk
out; just soak for a while and rinse.

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