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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: hydrometer, methanol
Date: 1992-07-01 13:44:32 GMT

Hydrometer readings will go up even while the heavier trub material
is settling out because the wort is cooling. Cool wort has a higher
SG than hot wort. Think of it as a syrup; cold syrup is thick, hot
syrup is thin, and in a simple sense, that's what SG is a measure of,
liquid thickness.

Now, once and for all, can someone definitively answer whether it is
possible to produce truly "bad" alcohols (like methanol) in homebrew, in
any way? I mean by "normal" fermentation, very hot or very cold fermentation,
very long (like 5 years) fermentation, pasteurization, storage at very high
temps, exposure to various frequencies of light, distillation, or any other
strange thing we might do to our beer.


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