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From: Bob Devine 01-Jul-1992 1102 <>
Subject: IPUs
Date: 1992-07-01 18:09:48 GMT

Paul Sherrill asks:
> Now how can I figure the pepper extraction rate in IPUs (International
> Peppering Units) ?

If you are concerned with the "heat" of the peppers, there is an
accepted scale called the Scoville level. It assigns a numeric
value to each variety of pepper, going from a value of 1 for a
green pepper to tens of thousands or higher for very hot peppers.
I remember that the scotch bonnet and haberno are over 100,000!

Just like hops, you should be able to mix different strains of
peppers to give the desired flavor + heat. That is, use a pepper
with more of the vegetative flavor to combine with a high heat pepper.

Bob Devine

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