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From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: hot sparge / hydrometer / silicone
Date: 1992-07-02 16:09:26 GMT

>> Should my sparge water be boiling when I start, TCJOHB says
>> 170, does it matter?
>Hot (170-180) but don't bother boiling. It's not crucial but malt sugars
>dissolve better if the water is really hot. Boil up a few kettlefuls as you
>are sparging to keep it hot.

You can tell if you got the sparge too hot by the little chunks of
coagulated protein in your sparge which don't filter out very well.

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2 days ago I wrote:

>Which brings up another question, why do my hydrometer readings
>go up after I let the hot break settle out? The stuff is heavier
>than the wort (it sinks)... what gives?

An more than one person responded:

>Hydrometer readings will go up even while the heavier trub material
>is settling out because the wort is cooling. Cool wort has a higher
>SG than hot wort. Think of it as a syrup; cold syrup is thick, hot
>syrup is thin, and in a simple sense, that's what SG is a measure of,
>liquid thickness.

To clarify: My hydrometer readings go up when the hot break settles
out, even after I adjust for temperature.

As for SG being a measure of thickness: Go stick a tablespoon or
two of starch in a hydrometer flask full of water. You will wind
up with a thick gooey mess, but the SG is quite low.

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>I decided to replace the drain on my cooler with a
>drum tap. Well it leaks. Not alot but more then I
>willing to accept. I've heard mention of using
>silcone caulking to seal the hole. Is this stuff
>safe at mash temps/PH? Is anything better?

All the variations of silicone RTV they sell in automotive stores
are rated to temps between 350 and 700 F, and the caulking isn't
that much different. They will not dissolve in oil or most harsh
cleaners (gasoline aside). If you're worried about ingesting any of
the stuff (If it does dissolve, it comes off in chunks which wouldn't
make it through the sparge), I suggest you try using bubble gum.

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>Hefty Weiss for all

I bottled a (hefeweizen) batch last night at 1.061 OG, 1.027 FG.
That should qualify :-)


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