From the HBD Archive
From: (Micheal Yandrasits)
Subject: re: methanol
Date: 1992-07-02 17:09:48 GMT

In response to Russ Gelinas' question about methanol and other "bad"
alcohols. I'm not sure about the overall possibility of producing
any signifiacan quantities of fusel ("bad" alcohols) from normal
(or abnormal) fermentation but I suspect its very very low.
One thing I do know is that "wood alcohol" or methanol
is not the result of fermentation of any kind. The term originates
from the fact that methanol is one of the products derived from the destructive
distillation of wood. Basically they would heat wood to very high
temperatures and condense and collect the vapors, mostly water, and
small quanties of organic solvents (I think this included acetone and
formaldehyde and all sorts of things). These liquids were then seperated
from each other. As I recall only about 3% was actually methanol.



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