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Subject: Wyeast viability, O2 and cultures (Jim Busch)
Date: 1992-07-02 18:05:02 GMT

With summer here again (90+ degrees in DC) I have to wonder about
the viability of the packaged Wyeast after shipping. From what
I have learned, yeast stored without food depletes its glycogyn
stores. This delays the synthisis of sterols in the respiration
phase, leading to longer lag times. Now, maybe this isnt a
problem since I'm sure most of the HBDers make a 1 litre starter,
and maybe this obviates the respiration problem, but what about
the overall health of the yeast that is being grown? Wouldnt
there be more mutants/autolized cells?

I am currently using cultured east from The Yeast Culture Kit Co,
and my one litre starter has about a 3-4 hour lag time (or less).
With brewers yeast off a Unitank, I get a 2 hour (or less) lag
time. Any comments on lag times from Wyeast starters, and do they
change with the season?

I dont inject oxygen yet. I intend to get a bottle from the
hardware store and a stone from the fish store for next batch.
I have been told that bottled O2 cannot support contaminants
due to the high pressure exploding the cell walls. Any comments?

Another interesting thing I wanted to note is that various people
are obtaining cultures of yeast directly from draft samples of
beer in Europe. Using a 1.5 ml mini-tube of solid UV sterilized
wort, the yeast is transported back to the states and plated.
(If anyone would like to share any harder to find strains of
yeast I would be very interested in hearing from you).

As always, if anyone wants info on Dr. Schillers yeast company,
email me and I will hook you up. I am in no way affiliated
with this effort other than a satisfied customer and brewing

Jim Busch


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